Annalise Johnsen & Tim Martin

Contemporary Lyrical

Annalise Johnsen & Tim Martin Photos courtesy of Andy Taylor

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Annalise Johnsen

Hi, I’m Annalise, Sales Manager/Auctioneer.

I am so excited to participate in Dancing for Life Education in Partnership with Tall Poppy Real Estate, it's such a great cause and the event exudes fun and a demanding and challenging experience. There is nothing quite like stepping outside your comfort zone. I am sure we all have a hidden dancer inside us bursting to get out. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Family and friends are keen to support, I think, as they all want front row seats to see an outstanding result on the night, or maybe I am reading that wrong and they are wanting to be entertained by a comedic performance.

I have faith in the process, and I am willing and able to get my magic dancing shoes on and hope my twinkle toes work on the night as we dance the night away in style. Or it will be going going GONE.

Tim Martin

Hi My name is Tim Martin proud dad of two great kids Noah and Olivia and husband to Kate my amazing wife. I’m participating in Dancing for Life Education in Partnership with Tall Poppy Real Estate because firstly Life Education Trust is a great cause. As I have as much dancing ability as a fence post and I’m as nervous as a bag full of cats at the greyhound races, it will truly be a test for me to do this. But that’s why you do things like this to test yourself. And lastly as I am a co-owner of the Stihl Shop Taupo who is sponsoring my partner and I, I have to make the Stihl Shop team proud and just have a crack!!!


  • Teacher: Stacey "Stussy" Jacobs

    Stussy from Misfitz Dance Studio has been teaching dance for over 15 years teaching Hip Hop, Zumba Fitness, Adult, Aqua and Fitness classes to all ages and abilities in New Zealand and Overseas.

    Misfitz thrive on giving students the chance to express themselves in a more creative outlet, building confidence and self-esteem, and give the opportunity to build their dance careers in local and national events.

    She is excited and honoured to be a part of Dancing for Life Education in partnership with Tall Poppy Real Estate and is ready to put the dancers through their paces!

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